Worship Time: Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
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Host/Hostesses and Usher Ministry

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a warm welcome! Our Host/Hostesses and ushers help serve in our Sunday worship service to create a warm atmosphere and experience for the first time guest and each member of Little Rock. Our frontline team provides numerous opportunities to encourage others and show them the love of Christ.



The Ministries of little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church

Evangelism Ministry

To promote the spirit and mission of the ministry of our Lord and to employ the most effective means to accomplish the chief end of the gospel – the salvation of souls; and that the church may more vigorously apply the moral and spiritual agencies by which man are saved from sin and trained for heaven.

Fitness Ministry

To offer exercise classes and fitness workshops to aid the congregation in a healthy lifestyle.

Family Life Ministry

To provide an opportunity for the Little Rock Church family to come together in an environment that promotes church involvement, Christian fellowship, and traditional family values.

Flower Ministry

To beautify the sanctuary and other areas inside the church with plants and seasonal flowers

Greeters Ministry

To welcome members and visitors into the church on Sunday mornings and before all special services held at Little Rock.

G.R.I.E.F. Ministry

Growing Richer in Empathy and Faith is a group-oriented approach to expressing,experiencing, and overcoming the loss of a loved one.

Health Resource Ministry

To provide ongoing resources and information on health, safety and other related issues and to provide on site medical care when needed.

Host/Hostesses Ministry

To receive and register visitors, to lead the church in the morning announcements, to serve as decorum ambassadors for specialevents.

Heaven’s Storehouse

To provide clothing and food to those in need and with shelter when needed.

Historical Society

To collect information and articles for historical purposes.

Information Technology

To provide technical support and assistance to the church office and staff.

Intercessory Prayer

To seek God through prayer on behalf of the Church, Pastor, members and concerns of Little Rock and our community.

Lady Golfing

To enhance Spiritual Development and Christian Discipline through team and individual golfing, focusing on sportsmanship, and teamwork among the ladies.

Liturgical Dance Ministry

To minister before the Lord and to the congregation through praise dancing and worship.

Marriage Ministry

To promote the spiritual growth and development of married couples through Christian fellowship and educational activities.

Men's Boosters Ministry

To provide spiritualnurture and develop an atmosphere of Christ-like brotherhood and unity among the men of Little Rock. The ministry seeks through fellowship, study,workshops and prayer to encourage and empower the men of Little Rock in their walk and spiritualdevelopment as strong Christian Men.